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 Transit & Logestic  
  South Shippinh Lines - Iran Line provides multifarious services in different fields of container transportation like :Transit Services , Door to Door services (transportation of shipment from the point of origin to the point of sale) , container operation management in ICDs , container supply and positioning management , warehousing of goods and containers in gods depot (Tehran) , shahryar depot (Tehran) , Isfahan depot , sahlan depot (Tabriz).

 Details are as follows:

  - Inspection of sound containers , receipt of them
  - Management of rotation of container inside depots and ports
  - Segregation of different type of containers and leased and own units.
  - Accepting of emoty return containers from importers.
  - Releasing of empty containers to exporters
  - wash, preparation of damage containers for export users(in near future)
 Operation of activities in Gods Depot :
  - Packing & Repacking of goods
  - Staffing of container
  - Stripping containers
  - Lashing of goods inside container
  - Keep/Care/Storage of goods in warehouse
  - Insuring of cargo from factory or other ports to warehouse/discharging/loading
  - Distribution of cargo to users and other
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