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 Container Terminal Services  
 Holding The Container Terminal Operations in Bandar Imam Khomeini and Bandar Khoramshahr.
IRISL Ports Having Over 450 Direct Employees and Over 700 Outourced Manpower in Southern IRANIAN PORTS. Founded in 2004 and with Investment and Developping of professional working Groups in southern IRANIAN Terminals,Negotiating for Expanding its Activities.
Imam Khomeini Terminal Container

Khorramshahr Terminal Container
Hoopad Darya Shipping Agency as a member of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line Company big family , led the management of the Khorramshahr Port Container Terminal as the first container terminal under the management of the shipping company in 16/08/1382.
 in order to achieve higher goals and due to lack of equipment and appropriate softwares and hardwares ,has made a great effort and managed to make khorramshahr port the second container terminal of our dear country through well managing and preparing as many facilities as possible ;and in the month of azar of 1383 gained the reward of SEA TRADE of sea operations for its quick sea work and operations internationally.
 To increase the quality of the shipping services , the IRISL set to equip the terminal from the banking savings and by purchasing two 100-ton Gottwald cranes ,four 45-ton Kalmar Reach Stackers, and ten terminal 100-ton trucks managed to increase the port operations capacity up to 150000 TEUs per year .
 Providing suitable services to shipping lines and customers (the good owners) in the container terminal of Khorramshahr port has created five more shipping lines besides the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line. Currently ax cepting the IRISL Company,two other shipping lines give regular services to this port and this is the third year in succession in wich khorramshahr port has been made the second container terminal of Iran ;and 25 shipping container owner companies are running actively in Khorramshahr port Container Terminal now.
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