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 Agency Services  
 To look after the owners interest under the international terms and standards we do accept full agency , protecting agency and charterers agency as and when required by the owners and charters.
In the light of agency , crew attendance and provision supply-bunkering and fresh water supply-stevedoring and tallyng-loading/discharging supervision and surveyors consultation plus technical assistance along with many other marine services are provided.


Hoopad Darya Shipping Agency handles over 1,000 port calls of liner and tramp vessels per annum in the southern Iranian ports.with our operational offices at Bandar Abbas, Bandar Imam Khomeini , Bandar Chabahar, Bandar Khorramshahr and Bandar Assaluyeh we have excellent relationship with the customs and port authorities , classification and independent surveyors , stevedoring and tallying companies through regular business contacts.

To support the smooth operations and to obtain the optimum result for maintaining the port norms and rates of loading /discharging for different cargoes and in order to comply with the needs of the clients whether ship owners charterers , shippers,and or receivers and in order to assist loading / discharging operations, the company owns following equipment's:
- 50 unit of fork-lifts,capacity ranging from 2 to 35 tons
- 1 unit top-lift of 13 tons capacity
- 6 unit shore cranes,capacity ranging from 30 to 100 tons
- 36 unit of electro-hydraulic grabs and remote controlled radio operated grabs and mechanical grabs
- 2 unit tractors
- 8 unit of trucks
- 6 unit trailers
- 6 unit reach-stacker
 without any doubt accuracy in delivery or reception of cargoes,plays a very important role for all the concerned parties. This company has a group of most well known tallyng companies under control , acting contractually on our behalf under our direct super vision.

Manifest preparation and submission to the port and customs to comply with the exit formalities is an ongoing task of our highly qualified staff.

To cut ocean bill of lading is of great importance for which legal and international implications to the relevant business as required by the banking system and chamber of commerce isvery known to our skillful personnel.

  A team of water clerks is at disposal 24 hours a day and reachable on VHF pager.all the necessary and customary inward formalities in coordination with local custom officers and their superintendent and portent formalities are being processed to grant free pratique for incoming and obtaining port clearance for out going vessels at any time.

Like other documentation,issue of delivery order is done through a fully mechanized system with the high degree of accuracy reserving the right of ship owners.

Years of experience in settlement of million tons of cargo with the port/customs and in the final stage with the cargo receivers has enabled us achieving best cargo sentiment result to the entire satisfaction of clients . covering insurance companies,P&I clubs and ship owners,we are surely able to assist your settlement of any claim against the owners regarding cargo damages,personal injuries and any related matter more advantageously than other ship agents.

Supply of bunker and fresh water by using all available means and facilities is down as follow:
B.Abbas is our major port  of bunkering for supply of intermediate fuel oil,marine diesel and gas-oil. bunkers are almost always available to be supplied by barges of our sister company all the times accessible at berth and on the of fresh water through shore connections at berth or by barges at anchorage.
Lub-oil on demand will be supplied.
At ,
Bandar Imam Khomeini , Bandar Chabahar, Bandar Khorramshahr and Bandar Assaluyeh limited quantity of diesel oil and sufficient quantity of fresh water would be supplied at all the berths.

We render a variety of services to the crew and officers and established facilities capable of handling administrational and operational affairs of merchant fleet to cover up the essential oblgations of ship owners towaeds their seamen . such services covers all the formal areas of attendance.
1-Joining incoming and repatriation of out going ,signing off crew and officers in the shortest time, in such a way that doesnt delay the vessel schedule or commercial operations to the entire satisfaction of owners is within expert knowledge of our staff and a part of their day to day activity in all the relevant ports especially at bandar abbas were we act on behalf of IRISL main fleet and handle over 5000 crew and officers related matters.

2-We accommodate stand-by crew and officers at our guest hous and stand-by inn,which are entirely running under  our management and supervision at
Bandar Abbas, Bandar Imam Khomeini and Bandar Chabahar.

3-Issuance of the contractual leave permission and compliance with required domestic formalities for expatriates and Iranian crew and officers in coordination with the ship owners,main fleet administratoration or relevant maning companies and as per master request .providing facilities and obtaining short pass for day to day shore leaves of the foreign crew, officers of the available under agency vessels.

4-Fulfillment of formalities with immigration department for obtaining transit visa for incoming and out going crew and officers.

5-fulfillment of formalities withport and shipping organization for obtaining "seafarer's identity document"(seamen book).

  Rendering best quality technical services and doing technical advisory and marine survey consultation,we have activities related to sea going maintenance and afload rep airs.we shall be ready to accept owners requisition for performance of these services:
1-minor and major mechanical repairs of diesel engines,cargo gears and  etc.on board the vessels .

2-Minor mechanical , electrical repairs,steel and pipes works,air conditioning and refrigeration,accommodation modification are offered to the ocean going vessels by all of our branches especially at
Bandar Abbas and Bandar Imam Khomeini .

3-Coastal and supply-Boat repairs , super vision and material procurement for such repairs is within our B.Abbas branch expert activities.
having several small tugs and supply boats in hand we are very pleased to advise that while bing ready to lease them out,we are offering maintenance and repair services to such units , we render special services to our principals in this field , which however you can not obtain from any other agent.
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